Ocotillo Residents Say Wind Turbine Noise Creates a Living Hell

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“It’s a horror beyond words; something you have to live to understand. Something must be done to stop the noise.” – Ocotillo resident Parke Ewing

Tip o’ the hat to Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction

East County Magazine — November 15, 2014

Pattern Energy Glenn Hodges explains that noise won’t be an issue due to the setbacks – What? The project was sold on the understanding to be 5 miles from the community of Ocotillo, we have turbines as close as 1/2 mile, we are now forced to live with the horrible noise of 112 turbines when the wind blows.

Residents in Ocotillo say that during windy conditions in early November, noise from wind turbines is making their lives unbearable.

Jim Pelley captured the loud noise on videotape, juxtaposed with footage of Pattern Energy’s Glenn Hodges selling the project to supervisors in Imperial Valley by claiming that noise would not be…

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