Around the world industrial scale wind turbines are causing adverse health effects to humans and animals.

Many governments are reluctant to acknowledge the growing problems and continue to forge ahead approving more projects regardless of the evidence of harm. We are way beyond any government body claiming innocence but we also recognize some concerned representatives are having difficulty with their power being overridden by others in control.

An additional challenge is the lack of main stream media coverage of the situations that people are struggling with. In any similar situation of illness and home abandonment caused by flawed policy or corporate error, there would be outrage and demands for remedy.

Lack of media, so important in today’s world, means lack of knowledge. Much of the population just does not know what is happening while environmental organizations and governments continue down their path of green energy.

While there are many concerns relating to modern large scale wind generators this website is intended to bring stories from impacted families and an overwhelming body of global research from experts together.

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  1. Kingston BOH Amended Minutes for 2/21/2013

    Board of Health to meet on wind projects at 5 p.m. Thursday
    Events Calendar
    By Kathryn Gallerani
    Wicked Local Kingston
    Posted Feb 19, 2013 @ 01:28 PM

    KINGSTON — A Board of Health meeting has been scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday night to review the draft scope for the acoustical monitoring study of Kingston wind turbine projects and a discussion on potential regulations regarding flicker.
    The meeting will be held in Room 200 at the Kingston Town House.

    Read more: Board of Health to meet on wind projects at 5 p.m. Thursday – Kingston, MA – Wicked Local Kingston http://www.wickedlocal.com/kingston/news/x930802214/Board-of-Health-to-meet-on-wind-projects-at-5-p-m-Thursday#ixzz2LRp78IhM


    O’Donnell expects turbines to resume this week, responds to new turbine concerns
    O’Donnell’s Marion Drive wind turbines have been out of operation since the night of February 8, when Winter Storm Nemo brought heavy snow and tropical storm-force winds to Kingston. …”They can’t perform in very high winds.”
    February 17, 2013 by Bradford Randall in Kingston Journal
    KINGSTON- Mary O’Donnell (pictured) expects the operation of her three industrial-sized wind turbines to fully resume this week and is firing back at resident complaints about flicker and property-value loss.
    O’Donnell’s Marion Drive wind turbines have been out of operation since the night of February 8, when Winter Storm Nemo brought heavy snow and tropical storm-force winds to Kingston.

    “I assume they’ll be back soon,” O’Donnell told KingstonJournal.com over the phone this afternoon. “They can’t perform in very high winds.”

    Like the O’Donnell turbines, the Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine and the MBTA’s turbine at the Kingston Commuter Rail Station have also been… [continue via Web link]


  2. I have sent to a number of radio stations without success, one newspaper on side and others without so much as a reply or anything else. Seems they are too afraid or too tied up with governments,

  3. In Maine since the 2008 expedited wind law we have seen our ridges destroyed, our trees and wildlife uprooted and our birds and bats at huge risk, as well as humans..the Maine Wind Task Force has been fighting but as this site says the media does little to cover this and the government is corrupt on the whole matter- if you have not seen the movie Windfall it is excellent.

  4. Good of you to bring to the fore the living hell which has become the lot of so many windfarm neighbours. I know one personally, in France, who is being forced to sell his house because he can’t sleep since wind turbines were installed 11.5 km from his home. He became unable to work efficiently, lost his job, and was sinking into a dangerous depression until his friends convinced him to sell his house and move far away from any wind turbine.
    He is one of the minority of people who can actually hear infrasound, or at least certain frequencies under 20 Hz. I understand 6% of men and 18% of women are in that case. His name is Hubert de Bonneville.

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