CFREE petition calling on federal authorities to enforce the Radiation Emitting Devices Act

Here’s the full petition:


The Government of Canada acknowledges acoustical waves/noise from industrial wind turbines is a form of radiation and falls under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act – legislation passed by the Parliament of Canada in 2004 with subsequent regulations created by Federal Ministers of Health.

While the government’s position on industrial wind turbines has been to say that energy generation is a provincial matter that is not the case when concern for the radiation emitted by the industrial devices is federal in nature and the harm many report is believed to come from exposure to that radiation.

Health Canada’s own wind turbine noise and health study related to the impacts of this radiation acknowledged that Canadians exposed are impacted by significant levels of medially defined ‘annoyance’ which causes a wide range of physical and psychological health problems. Health Canada’s study acknowledged that provincial regulations of this radiation are more lax than World Health Organization guidelines, potentially explaining why the long-term exposure to this radiation is harming Canadians.

It is no longer acceptable for Members of Parliament to blame the province while citizens are being harmed. Some have abandoned their homes.

You have an obligation to Canadians to ensure that laws passed in Canada’s Parliament are enforced and respected and that citizens are protected from unwanted exposure to all harmful forms of radiation.

The Radiation Emitting Devices Act creates a framework to do that. Many citizens have tried to seek remedy by taking steps that should trigger reporting to Health Canada by operators of these radiation emitting devices, but this has not taken place.

As a voter, I am calling on you as a Member of Parliament to take action to support the enforcement of the Radiation Emitting Devices Act today.

Sign petition here

Information on the act can be found here

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