Ontario: Anti-Wind Group Attacks Health Canada Study

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Kevin Bernard — Bayshore Broadcasting — December 16, 2014

The head of the “Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group” calls a Health Canada study on the impact of wind turbines “an insult.”

Mark Davis tells Bayshore Broadcasting News those involved, ignored a number of people who should have been the focus of the study.

Health Canada says it’s study found no evidence to “support a link between exposure to wind turbine noise and any of the self-reported illnesses”.

Davis — who is also Deputy-Mayor of Arran-Elderslie — says the group has fired a letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper expressing their dismay with the study.

He says these are real people and he is convinced the giant wind turbines are having an affect on the health of those living near them.

The working group met in Chesley on Thursday, and Davis says they heard from several people who were in tears about how they can’t sleep because of the noise, vibration and shadow flicker.

Davis says when Health Canada found several vacant homes close to wind turbines sites, they simply moved on and didn’t try to track down the residents who moved because of their health problems.

He adds the study was expanded to 10 kilometres from the wind turbines so they could get enough people in the group.

Davis says because those people who moved away were ignored, the study is flawed.

Another working group meeting will be held in Chesley on January 8th at 7 PM in the Chesley fire hall.

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