Anti-turbine group rejects Health Canada study

Denis Langlois — Owen Sound Sun Times — December 11, 2014

A municipal anti-turbine coalition is railing against a Health Canada study, saying the “premature marketing” of its findings that no link exists between turbine noise and negative health effects is an insult to the people who continue to suffer and a disservice to Canadians.

The Multi-municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, which includes representatives from about a dozen municipalities in southern Ontario, has written a three-page letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to express its dismay.

It has asked for an explanation on how the federal agency reached its conclusion despite the “growing number” of people who have reported health-related problems from living near turbines.

“I have met people that they are making sick. And these are real people. They’re grandmas and grandpas and they’re sons and they’re daughters and they’re leaving their homes and they’re doing it with tears in their eyes. They’re not trying to put some show on here,” Arran-Elderslie Deputy-mayor Mark Davis, chairman of the working group, said Thursday in an interview.

He said the group offered to provide Health Canada with a list of people whose health has been negatively impacted by wind turbine noise. The findings may have been more accurate if the government had accepted the offer and studied those people, he said.

“If you had a barn full of cattle and a third of them were sick, you don’t really focus near as much time on the healthy ones and you do on the sick ones. That’s where this study went astray. It didn’t focus on the sick ones,” he said.  Continue reading here…..

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