Interview between Alan Jones and Dr Jay Tibbetts from Brown County, Wisconsin‏

This is a powerful interview, and I hope you can use, circulate and post it widely to educate others about what is going on in rural areas around the world where industrial wind turbines have been installed. This interview is of international relevance to a global problem, which is being ignored and denied by ALL governments who are more concerned about votes and money than people’s health and wellbeing.

Click here:

Further background to the Brown County declaration is here:

Alan Jones also refers to material prepared by the Waubra Foundation and sent to senior Federal and State government ministers, including most recently our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott specifically with respect to sleep deprivation and torture. Our public statement about the potential criminal liabilities public officials in Australia may face for torture is here: .

It may be worth checking the criminal codes of your own country, if your country is a signatory to the UN Convention Against Torture and Cruel Inhuman and Degrading Treatment. This may be something you can use in various ways to start to hold the public officials in your country accountable.

Further information from those impacted by acoustic emissions from wind turbines is available on many websites, including our own and and the websites listed in our useful links section.

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