Wind turbine disaster relief funds needed in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada‏


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada


The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay

Minister of Justice and Attorney General

The Honourable Diane Finley

Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk

In a recent public letter to the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care, the Attorney General of Ontario and the Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health Ontario, Ms. Shellie Correia, a mother trying to protect children, including her own, asked:

“what avenue does [government] suggest I take to make sure that my son is not harmed by the known noise and infrasound from the wind turbines, which are proposed to be built very close to our home.”

In 2012, at her constituency office in Simcoe, Ontario, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk, Ms. Diane Finley, advised me that I should move away from my home near Clear Creek, Ontario in order to avoid being harmed by the industrial wind energy facilities that were built around it.

Being forced to dismantle a household and attempt to sell and move on (under duress) is easier said than done, especially for me, an elderly, disabled woman who recently spent my life savings building the house, designed for my needs, expecting that I could use it to age-in-place. I did not expect that the agricultural, residential area would be converted to a toxic, electricity-generating industrial wind turbine zone.

I respectfully request that if the advice Hon. Diane Finley provided to me: that I should move away from my home in order to avoid being harmed by industrial wind energy facilities, reflects official government policy, that it be provided consistently and immediately to all Canadians. If Hon. Diane Finley’s advice is not official Canadian federal government policy, then what should Canadians in industrial wind turbine zones do?

Yours truly,

Stephana Johnston


Response from Federal Government:

Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 10:06 AM, Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <> wrote:

Dear Ms. Johnston:

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.

While you may be assured that careful consideration has been given to the situation you have described, the matter you have raised does not fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government. You would be best advised, therefore, to pursue your enquiries with the appropriate provincial authority.

I regret that I am unable to provide you with a more favourable response.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

J.P. Vachon
Executive Correspondence Services
for the Prime Minister’s Office
Services de la correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre



To Prime Minister Harper, Minister MacKay, MP Diane Finlay and MP David Tilson

Prime Minister, what measurement does government use to decide on which Canadians are allowed to be harmed and which ones are to be protected?
How do you parse out who falls under fundamental human rights protections and who doesn’t rate such protection?
Is the direction by Stephana’s representative MP to move out of her home correct?
For years emissions from wind turbine installations have been making people sick, displacing many and forcing them to move from their homes. In many cases this has emotionally and financially decimated people, separated family members and destroyed their trust and their spirit. It’s not a very Canadian nor compassionate thing to do, is it?
My husband and I are one of many who had no choice but to move to save the deteriorating health impacts that we and our pets suffered after the start-up of the project around our home. Even in the face of strong engineering reports, it was we who were forced to leave and not the developer forced to return our home to a healthy and safe state.
We did not have our property expropriated. We had to hire legal help to get out.
We are very aware that we have been incredibly lucky to have been able to escape while many others, like Stephana and many of her neighbours and others in this province have not.
The evidence and research world wide is overwhelming and irrefutable and yet you, with the power to do something, continue to allow more turbines to jeopardize more families, some whose children like Ms. Correia’s, have pre-existing conditions and are already challenged day to day.
How many more people, including our most vulnerable, must be forced to endure the very real torture of being exposed to constant noise levels that will not allow them to sleep, and/or infrasound permeating their homes and bodies with vibration. What about those with new cases of electrical pollution in their homes and buildings, present only after the turbine project became operational?
After years of personal communication with ministries and agencies at all levels, I have not had anyone, anywhere tell me who it is that impacted residents can turn to for help. The various ministries and agencies defer to each other in a cruel runaround.
Even our office of last resort claims the provincial legislation in place allowing this harm will remain as it is only those who created it and are strongly promoting the policy that have the power to change it. Isn’t there something screaming wrong with this setup?
Who are the residents suffering this ultimate violation to turn to? How are others facing pending projects supposed to protect their homes and families?
This communication is a perfect opportunity to stop passing off concerns between ministries and agencies and all level of government.
I strongly encourage you speak with families who have been impacted so you can hear what is happening and give them a voice with an entity that has power to do something to help them.
I also urge an immediate moratorium on all wind projects and shut down current areas for those already suffering.
Please, give these people some relief.
Barbara Ashbee
Dufferin County

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