UK’s Wind Industry Buys British Medical Association; Aims to Silence Medicos


country gp Look, I’d really love to help with your turbine noise induced sleep problems,
but I’ve just signed up to spruik for the wind industry, sorry.

In an all too familiar tale, the British Medical Association has been co-opted by the wind industry and is now just another advocate for the great wind power fraud. The same has happened in Australia with the:

  • Australian Medical Association (see our posts here and here and here and here);
  • Public Health Association; (see our post here) and
  • National Health & Medical Research Council (see our posts here and here and here).

What’s so insidious about all this, is that Medical Practitioners swear upon an ancient oath that says – among other things – they will “act for the good of their patients” and “do no harm”. Fair enough.

That edict seems to suggest that medicos as a group should be quick…

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