Wind Turbine Noise: A “Psychopath’s Symphony”


Jack Nicholson When I get home from work, I relax to the tune of Vestas V112s.

In Australia, at the very beginning of our great-fan-fiasco, the wind industry threw a mountain of cash at their tame acoustic consultants to have them write the ludicrously lax noise “standards” that are meant to be “applied” to wind farms (see our post here).

These are the “standards” that are used by corrupt State governments (and their rotten little EPAs and Planning Departments) to claim (among other things) that wind turbine noise is like listening to a fridge 500m away (see our post here).

These same “standards” – like the South Australia’s EPA’s wind farm noise guidelines (written by wind industry pets, Sonus) – claim that “modern” wind turbines do not generate infra-sound, at all (see our post here).

After years of complaints from long-suffering Waterloo locals, SA’s EPA finally…

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