Australia’s Wind Turbine Wars

This might be of interest to some in Ontario and elsewhere – awful impacts of 3 MW turbines in a large array

Annie Gardner joins us from Victoria to discuss her story regarding the incursion of the Wind Turbine Industry into their family farm. Together we discuss her story and what it is like to live beside 140 wind turbines 90 meters tall, and to feel the health effects from this assault.
We discuss the withholding of Freedom of Information documents pertaining to the comprehensive fraud being conducted against the people of the is country. We discuss the speech by John Madigan in the Senate declaring that Industry is colluding with Doctors and the Medical industry against We the People. Annie has been a tireless worker in the Resistance in an attempt to gain back power for We the People.

2 responses to “Australia’s Wind Turbine Wars

  1. Thank goodness for Senator Madigan, Annie, Waubra Foundation, Jan Hetherington, Patina Schneider and all the tireless workers who against all odds continue to fight against the corrupt wind industry, the Climate and Health Alliance and other groups who malign all anti turbine groups and those suffering. These people continue to deny problems and peer-reviewed evidence that turbines impact on the environment, people, livestock, ruin land and sea life.

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