Plympton-Wyoming seeking $300,000 to hire Julian Falconer to Fight Industrial Wind Turbines

Quixotes Last Stand

Tyler Kula — Sarnia Observer — May 5, 2014

Residents of Lambton County are being asked to donate $300,000 to join a potentially precedent-setting charter case, questioning the Ontario government’s approach to industrial wind turbines with inconclusive data about how they affect people’s health.

“We’re nearly certain it’ll go to the Supreme Court, so we need to get there,” said Ingrid Willemsen, a director with the group We’re Against Industrial Turbines Plympton-Wyoming (WAIT-PW), at a packed town hall meeting in Camlachie Monday.

The group, which opposes Suncor’s planned 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind Power Project, is looking for the dollars to hire noted human rights lawyer Julian Falconer, and join other communities embroiled in wind turbine battles in taking their case before Ontario’s judiciary.

Willemsen said the group expects Ontario’s Environment Ministry to approve the Suncor project, and will need a lawyer to appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal, and potentially…

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