British Medical Practitioner in the Energy Field for Over 32 Years says Turbines do Affect Health

Quixotes Last Stand

Letter to the Editor – Blackmore Vale Magazine — April 6, 2014

I strongly contest Dr Erik Blakeley‘s comments in your recent article calling wind turbine noise as a placebo effect. As a medical practitioner in the energy field of over 32 years I disagree.

I have amassed over the last few years negative health evidence from across the globe wherever wind turbines are erected, many locals even supported their erection initially only to find their health began to deteriorate afterwards.

Apart from Canadian, American, Danish and Australian information I have articles from specialists in “sleep disorder“ from the BMJ (British Medical Association) referring to ‘wind turbine syndrome‘ . It is the ULF (Ultra Low Frequency)or ELF vibrations that cause the most harm and cannot be heard. Can Dr Blakeley deny the MoD developed and used these frequencies for “acoustic warfare“ and in Russia ULF was developed by Vladimir–Gavreau for…

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