Attorney warns Australian M.A. that its reckless statement on WTS is “actionable”

Quixotes Last Stand

From Wind Turbine

To: The President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA)

From: Terrence Conn, Attorney at Law (New South Wales, Australia)

Regarding: The AMA’s “actionable” and reckless formal statement on wind turbines & health

Date: 3/28/14

It is time to put the “anxiety from scare mongering” and Professor Simon Chapman’s “nocebo” argument to rest and move on. The idea is illogical, cruel and ridiculous in the context of rural communities and there is not one skerrick of evidence to support it. . . .

To put it briefly, I am flabbergasted by the recklessly negligent AMA position statement. The position statement is reckless in the extreme. It parrots wind farm protagonist propaganda and shows no hint of independent research into health issues or energy issues.

The statement is negligent because, firstly, your organization has an acknowledged “duty of care” towards the citizens of Australia and secondly, “you…

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