A child’s perspective on living next to industrial wind turbines

A Child’s View Of Wind Turbines

Vermillion, Illinois — March 7, 2014

Letter from parents that vacated their home due to Invenergy’s California Ridge Wind Turbine Farm disrupting their lives.

Dear friends,

I took Sophia to the eye doctor and pediatrician on Wednesday.  She is having stress issues.  After we were done, we went to my office so that I could do some work before going home.
While at my office, Sophia kept herself busy and found paper/pens/highlighter and did artwork.  Art is a way of dealing with feelings, and it provides an outlet for emotions.
Please share these attachments with the decision makers in your communities.  I have not heard her talk much about “ingen nous” (engine noise).

This made me sad, angry, and upset.  It also made me proud of the fact that I was doing my best to protect my family and serve my community.  Let’s keep working hard so that we don’t have to see this type of art project being done by other little girls.

InvEnergy did not include any of my noise complaints as part of their annual report to the Vermilion County Board.  I know that they have received “perhaps hundreds” of our emails requesting that turbines be turned off so that we could sleep in our house.  Continue reading here….

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