Melissa Ware: “Please Tony, Save Our Souls”



Melissa Ware is one of Pac Hydro’s numerous tragic victims at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria – where the Labor/Union backed outfit – run by former union heavy Gary Weaven – runs another non-compliant wind farm that’s been driving the neighbours to hell and back for over five years now (see our post here).

Here is Melissa’s plea to our Prime Minister for help.

The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

30th January, 2014

Open letter re: wind farm impacts.

Property in close proximity to wind farms is devaluing as evidenced in the above news article link from Britain.  Unofficially informed by a real estate valuer that our home and land neighbouring the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm is “virtually un-saleable” and leaves us part of a growing number of Australians unable to ‘sell up’ and just move on.

I am expressing…

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2 responses to “Melissa Ware: “Please Tony, Save Our Souls”

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  2. No one is listening. NSW seems to be a problem the same as Victoria while he Federal Government just seems o be in limbo. Mr. Chapman meanwhile sprouts his usual nonsense of opponents to the wind “scam” industry.

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