Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine advises Doctors will see rise in wind turbine effects

The Ontario Government must take action now to stop the operation wind turbine projects that have been placed too close to people’s homes.

A new peer reviewed article in The Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, a publication of the Canadian Medical Association, warns rural doctors may see more people reporting serious adverse health effects near wind turbines.(1)

From the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine Annoyance from IWT – Industrial Wind Turbine noise starts at dBA sound pressure levels in the low 30s and rises sharply at 35 dBA. Research suggests that IWT noise limits should be set at 32 dBA outside residences.   A 2010 memorandum of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment recommended that IWT “… setback distances should be calculated using a sound level limit of 30 to 32 dBA at the receptor ….” Ontario guidelines for IWT noise currently permit up to 51 dBA.(1) Furthermore, Ministry of Environment noise testing as well as independent noise testing has found Industrial Wind Turbine noise exceeding these inadequate regulations on a routine basis.(2)

Health Affects of ‘Annoyance’ and       Noise
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines noise as “unwanted sound.” Noise of a moderate level acts via an indirect pathway and can have health outcomes similar to those caused by high noise exposures on the direct pathway. The main health risks of noise, identified by WHO, include the following: pain and hearing fatigue, hearing impairment, tinnitus, annoyance, interferences with social behaviour, interference with speech communication, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects, hormonal responses, and reduced performance at  work and school.(1)

The United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) has noted that sleep deprivation used for prolonged periods constitutes a breach of the CAT, and is primarily used to break down the will of the detainee. Sleep deprivation can cause impaired memory and cognitive functioning, decreased short term memory, speech impairment, hallucinations, psychosis, lowered immunity, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety and depression. (3)


Thank you to all that have continued to work very hard up to this point.

The government and wind industry rely on public complacency to continue their scam. If you haven’t done anything to help now is your chance. The resolution of this issue is dependent upon a large number of people taking action. You must make a choice to get involved. If you don’t, nothing will ever change. Your participation today can help end this nightmare for scores of families that have been impacted.

Take Action

Send the message “The Ontario Government must take action now to stop the operation of wind turbine projects that have been placed too close to people’s homes and are causing injury through adverse sleep quality and other impairments to human health.”
Please add a short message of your own to this.

Sign your name and address.
(If you use email, you can request an acknowledgement of receipt of your email.)

Please send to the following contacts below and include your MP, MPP and your local public health officials.   action_alert_contacts


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