Illinois: County settles with couple over wind farm; Residents never received notice about turbines

Sauk Valley News – David Giuliani – January 13, 2014

In 2012, Margina Schwartzbach spoke during a county zoning board meeting, at which the panel was considering another wind farm. She said Goldwind project had disrupted their lives. A turbine near her house, she said, was a constant bother. “It’s very annoying,” she told the board. “It produces loud humming sounds.” At night, she said, it was unbearable.

Lee County residents Margina and Larry Schwartzbach say the county failed to notify them of a wind farm going up in their neighborhood.

The county never denied it.

In September, the county settled a lawsuit filed by the Schwartzbachs, giving the couple $5,000.

According to online court records, the Schwartzbachs also settled with Goldwind USA, the wind farm’s owner, and Mainstream Renewable Power, the previous owner.  Read full article here…..

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