Wind turbine dispute leads to call for medical officer of health to resign

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Contentious Cavan Monaghan Council meeting Tuesday (Jan. 14) features medical officer of health present her report that no proof that wind turbines have an impact on people’s health

Lance Anderson — My — January 14, 2014

CAVAN MONAGHAN TOWNSHIP — Dr. Rosana Pellizzari says there is no reason for her to resign despite a request by Cavan Monaghan Councillor Tim Belch at a meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 14).

Dr. Pellizzari, local medical officer of health, spoke to township council regarding renewable energy and the impacts wind turbines have on health. The request for Dr. Pellizzari’s resignation came following her presentation where she stated there were no “causal links” to poor health from wind turbines based on current scientific evidence. Those findings were outlined in a 2010 report by Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario, that Dr. Pellizzari helped with.

But Coun. Belch doesn’t agree. He…

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