Ontario: Are new MoE noise guidelines being brought in to further hamper wind turbine opposition?

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(Editor’s Note: Some people are suggesting that the new MoE noise guidelines are being brought in to make it harder for anyone to fight against wind turbines installations near their homes.  I’m not a noise expert, so you’ll have to read these new guidelines and decide for yourself. — DQ)

David C. K. Tang — Mondaq — November 6, 2013

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (“MOE”) published on October 21, 2013 a new noise guideline which consolidates and replaces the previous guidelines dealing with both land use planning and the approval of industrial and commercial facilities. A draft of the guideline, “Environmental Noise Guideline – Stationary and Transportation Sources – Approval and Planning: Publication NPC-300” (“NPC-300“), was first published by the Ministry of November of 2010. After a three-year consultation and consideration process, NPC-300 has been revised, released and is now applicable.

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