University of Waterloo Survey indicates wind turbines cause sleep disturbance

Bob Boughner — Chatham Daily News — November 1, 2013

RIDGETOWN  – A University of Waterloo survey indicating wind turbines cause sleep disturbance comes as no surprise to Monica Elmes of Ridgetown.

Elmes, spokesperson for the Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group, said Friday, “it’s criminal that it continues to go on.”

Of the 4,876 surveys sent out to homeowners across Ontario only 396 were returned.

Researchers studied the relationship between how close a person lived to a turbine and the quality of their sleep.

University of Waterloo Prof. Phil Bigelow, an epidemiologist at the School of Public Health and Health Systems, said data shows that a subjective measure of sleep quality and self-reported vertigo do significantly vary with distance from the closest wind turbine.

“However, we were disappointed with our response rate for the study which was impacted by circumstances beyond our control,” he said.

Bigelow said the overall response rate of under 10% is “very problematic and we recognize the opportunity for bias that would invalidate the findings.”

He said the study results are currently being written up for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and at that point the scientific community will weigh-in on the validity of the findings.

“Studying outcomes as complex as sleep, vertigo, tinnitus and their relationship with environmental exposure is challenging,” he said. “Getting the full picture of the impacts of wind turbine noise on these outcomes will require many studies and this is only one.”   Continue reading here…..

One response to “University of Waterloo Survey indicates wind turbines cause sleep disturbance

  1. The reason people did not want to respond, was because all of the studies that have been done up till now, were financed by the government, or wind industry, who are working together to cover up the damage done by the turbines, so that they won’t be held accountable. There is NO trust any more, and until the government stops ignoring the victims, and siding with the wind industry, that will NEVER change!

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