Turbines ‘are affecting the quality of my life’

Letter to the Editor:  Fond du Lac Reporter — October 23, 2013

In Michael Vickerman’s recent opinion piece (“Wind power is safe, affordable and good for the economy,” Oct. 15), he and others who work for Renew Wiscosnsin would like you to believe that industrial wind turbines are the best thing since sliced bread and that there are no problems with placing them less than 1,000 feet from people’s homes. He is trying to mislead you.

Industrial Wind turbines are affecting the quality of my life. My physician wrote a letter with the suggestion I take it to the Fond du Lac County Board of Health regarding how the wind turbines surrounding my home have had a detrimental effect on my health.

Unfortunately, I am far from alone. So far, 25 certified affidavits from residents in every wind project in our county have been sent to Kim Mueller, our county health officer. Vickerman and RENEW are well aware that there was a recent unanimous vote by the FDL County’s Board of Health along with a unanimous vote by the County Board of Supervisors both asking the state to step in and do an independent comprehensive health study on the problems many of us are having. The number one complaint is sleep disturbance. The body cannot be restored each day without restful sleep.

The middle of the night is by far the worst for the noise and vibration these monsters can make. If the wind direction puts our home in the blow-back area of a turbine, the walls and windows will literally shake. One of the wind turbines is less than 1000 feet from the foundation of our home with one of our bedroom windows facing it; we caulked that window shut five years ago.

The developers of these industrial wind projects were given rules and regulations on noise levels to abide by, but neither the PSC nor other state officials are enforcing these rules.

Joan Lagerman Malone

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