Feeling Helpless Against the Assault by the CAW/UNIFOR wind turbine

Letter to the Editor:  Shoreline Beacon — September 17, 2013

On Sept. 4, 2013 on Toronto’s # 1 Talk Radio Show AM 640, Jerry Dias, new president of UNIFOR, ex assistant to Ken Lewenza, when asked by host John Oakley “What about the health effects on the people in the community? and …”they say that the CAW remains silent on this.“ responded with the following comments:

“We don’t remain silent on it.”

“We don’t know of any health effects.”

“There is no proof of that at all..”

“I mean, so if you wanna (sic) talk about what is really a potential threat to the community of Port Elgin, it’s not our turbine. It’s the fact there’s a nuclear power station down the street…”

One husband and wife, whose health has been badly affected by the CAW turbine, have over 30 written complaints submitted to the CAW, on official CAW complaint forms as distributed to the community by the CAW, begging for someone to call them. They were one of the six families to report negative heath effects to council.

Her email details the past few days for which they have submitted formal CAW complaints. The MOE have informed the town there have been over 80 logged complaints to date.

Another one of the six, a retired conference coordinator for the CAW Family Education Centre, has also asked repeatedly for a CAW response to her health complaints. No answer.

Mr. Dias, I too have yet to get a reply to my invitation to you to meet these six families.

What exactly do you mean by “We don’t remain silent on it.”, “We don’t know of any health effects.” and “There is no proof at all.”?

Throwing Bruce Power under the bus as a threat to the community was uncalled for. Repeatedly the CAW has taken shots at nuclear power. We happen to be proud of their huge refurbishment accomplishment, their stellar safety record and generous financial support of a myriad of community programs here in Port Elgin. Hopefully Bruce Power workers respond to your put downs.

You could learn a lot from Duncan Hawthorne’s leadership style and forthrightness in addressing pressing community concerns.

S.T.O.P. is still waiting…

Greg Schmalz



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