Hold on Macarthur – the Coalition-Cavalry are coming


In our last post we covered the brilliant community survey carried out at Macarthur by STT Champion, Anne Schafer.

Wind weasels and their parasites are running as much interference as their delusional little imaginations can muster about just what Anne’s survey reveals.

The eco-fascist is – apparently – only content to “act on facts” when the facts in issue suit their own perverse brand of ideology.

The minute real people start talking about the nightmare of living next to giant fans – these boys close ranks and set out to dismiss, discount, diminish, undermine, challenge, limit, qualify, explain, excuse or otherwise spin away the heart wrenching stories laid out by their victims.

It takes a certain kind of individual to not only IGNORE the suffering of others but to ATTACK them because of it. STT is happy to describe these people as a special kind of Monster.

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