California residents describe life next to a wind facility

Tracy Moss — The News-Gazette — September 15, 2013

 An airplane that never takes off. A diesel truck idling. An interstate highway. Tennis shoes thumping in a dryer.

That’s how several Vermilion County residents who live in the California Ridge wind project describe the various noises from wind turbines near their homes.

“Sometimes it sounds like a plane that never leaves … other times like a diesel pickup or semi parked outside, and it idles all night. It depends on the wind direction,” said Jeremy Lomax, a Vermilion County resident in the California Ridge wind project who, along with several other wind farm residents, is lobbying the Vermilion County Board to increase the distance a wind turbine can be built from the foundation of a house.

According to Lomax, Ted and Jessica Hartke, Jean and David Miles and Gina Isabelli — who all live within the project area — noise and shadow flicker from the turbines ranges from tolerable some days and nights when the wind isn’t blowing to severe other days and nights and affects either their quality of life, health or both in various ways.

It’s a familiar scenario playing out in other parts of the state, the nation, even the world — people living near wind turbines are voicing concerns about noise, shadow flicker, declining property values and other issues with this clean renewable energy source that the U.S. Department of Energy claims can provide 20 percent of the nation’s electricity by 2030 and reduce projected emissions of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas, by 25 percent.

Just last week, the Iroquois County Board significantly increased its setback of 1,500 feet between turbines and houses of nonparticipating landowners — those without a wind turbine lease.  Read full article, here….

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