Tiffany Wilson — Shoreline Beacon — August 27, 2013

Many residents who say their worlds have been turned upside down since the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre turned on, had their stories heard at Saugeen Shores town council Monday night.

And it appears as if councillors are ready to do everything they can to make the lives of these citizens return to normal.

Approximately 20 weeks ago, members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) started documenting complaints from residents who have seen a dramatic shift in their physical and mental well-being since the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin began operational.

Last night, before a standing room only crowd at The Plex in Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores committee-of-the-whole saw five individuals, one being STOP spokesperson Greg Schmalz, stand before councillors to read and share victim impact statements of local residents, which detailed the changes they have seen in their lives since the turbine was switched on the week of March 25, just more than five months ago.

“They are all victims without a remedy, absolutely nowhere to turn for help,” Schmalz said to council.

He asked those in attendance to take a moment and visualize their loved ones being trapped, just like the residents who braved the podium to share their stories and to think about what they expect council to do.

“My expectation of my council is to listen, discuss new pressure strategies and announce a plan of action,” Schmalz said.

He then requested that a special session take place where STOP and the town will set concrete meetings where they can talk about strategies to increase the municipal pressure on the CAW.

Saugeen Shores mayor Mike Smith said that council has to address this issue in some way and is committed to sitting down and looking at options to put pressure on the CAW.

“I think anyone who hears these stories cannot help but be moved and I would say to the CAW, ‘hear these people and speak to them,’” said Smith.

Deputy-mayor Luke Charbonneau agreed with Smith and supports working with residents to come up with suggestions.

“In my view, there is only one way to be sure that they stop hurting people is to shut the CAW turbine down,” Charbonneau said.   Continue reading, here…..

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