Miriam Raftery — East County Magazine — August 12, 2013

When Pattern Energy presented its proposed Ocotillo Express Wind Facility project to Imperial County Supervisors, the company promised that massive industrial wind turbines would be no louder than a refrigerator or a library.   But now residents are complaining that noise levels are far louder—and they’ve provided a video to bolster their claim….

…  On August 7, with many turbines still off-line due to safety issues after a blade fell off,  ECM photojournalist and Ocotillo resident Jim Pelley took the following video to show the high noise levels to which area residents were being subjected:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF8eMvb4570&feature=youtu.be  Since then, the problem had gotten even worse, residents say, with more turbines now back online.

Today, Parke Ewing sent a letter of complaint to Imperial County Supervisors and the federal Bureau of Land Management, since the project is located on federal BLM public land….

“As most people are aware the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility is coming back on-line after the blade throw on May 16, 2013.  It appears that ten (10) blades will have been replaced and all other blades have had a field fix/repair.  My property is located .51 miles from turbine 176 that has come back on-line today,” Ewing wrote.

He added, “The irritating swashing and jet engine noise has returned.  Turbine 169 came back on-line last week and it is the second closest turbine to my home.  These two turbines and occasionally others coupled together generate much more than electricity, they also generate noise and the decibel noise level may not be the problem.  Whatever the noise is called it is too much, whether it be decibels, irritability or just plain annoyance.  The noise is unbearable and nobody living in Imperial County should be forced to live with this noise.  I’ve been complaining about the noise since the turbines came on line last December.  The noise data provided in the Ocotillo Wind EIR/EIS is obviously incorrect and the effects of the noise to humans is inaccurate. Please, something needs to be done to curtail the noise.”  Read full article, here….

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