Wind proponents continue to run a smear campaign against those who are suffering

Dufferin Wind 006

Text of this ad:  “I am a fervent supporter of Wind Power as part of an environmental energy policy.  I know many people are opposed to Wind, but I doubt they have done much research and there is no scientific evidence that Wind Turbines are detrimental to our health.  The opposition to Wind Power is a reflection of the Not-In-My-Backyard syndrome, not based on science.”  David Stemthal, Mono

Dufferin Wind places full page colour ads in 2 Orangeville newspapers almost weekly (or 1/2 page).   Imagine living the hell and then having this in your mailbox.

They appear to have unlimited funding.

They are applying for 49 more turbines in addition to the 133 turbines and a substation by a different company currently operating that have driven people out of their homes and is still affecting others who can’t move. No one is helping the people and animals that are sick.
One would think a “good neighbour” would have some consideration toward those in this community who are trying to cope.
An enormous amount of money is being spent by individuals all across this province fighting for our health and homes. Even when 90% of the community, including the municipality say NO, projects still get approved.
An ERT appeal on this project will start shortly.

4 responses to “Wind proponents continue to run a smear campaign against those who are suffering

  1. Wind Farms have been the most destructive thing in my life ,took my health, home , life savings, destroys the environment , wild life, farm animals lives. etc. john Waterloo S AUST.

  2. Why is it that 2 world experts say there are problems? One is Professor Dr. M. Swinbanks and .Dr. Raymond Hartman. Infrasound it seems to be the issue and turbines do emit infrasound. Why not research and make up your own mind.

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