Tests eyed for Fond du Lac area wind turbine impact

Neighbors hope state will fund health study

Fond du Lac Reporter — July 19, 2013

Fond du Lac County residents who believe their health is compromised by wind turbines are asking officials to conduct a study that could prove it.

About 20 people discussed their experiences with wind farms during the monthly Fond du Lac County Board of Health meeting. The Board unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday requesting the state of Wisconsin fund and complete a study on the impact of wind turbines on human health. The matter will go before the Fond du Lac County Board at its Aug. 20 meeting.

Elizabeth Ebertz of St. Cloud became emotional as she described how she wakes up throughout the night and cannot get relief unless she goes to her son’s home away from the turbines. She said she has all but abandoned gardening hobby because the turbines located southwest of her garden bother her physically — especially ear pressure.

“I’ve been gardening all my life and can’t even do it,” she said. “When they are going it’s really something. There are 12 in the area. It’s really bad.”

The statements of Ebertz and others of their personal struggles brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience. Some residents said they no longer dream if they sleep at home.

Gerry Meyer of the town of Byron said he was “neutral” on the subject before wind turbines were erected near his home. He said he has experienced a number of health issues that he believes are caused by the low-frequency noise and sleep deprivation. Meyer has kept a log of his troubles and said he wakes up at least 4-5 times a night and as many as 15 times.

Joan Lagerman of Malone cried softly as she explained symptoms that she experiences.

“They’ve got me medicated to the point nothing should be waking me up and I still get up,” she said. “We shouldn’t be living like this.”   Continue reading, here…..

2 responses to “Tests eyed for Fond du Lac area wind turbine impact

  1. Everyone should try to find the study by Dr Harwood ? I will finjd his comments on the wind industry he is a great American doctor who shoots down the wind industry in flames for their lies and supposed evidence. I will get back to you as just got out of hospital today.

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