Wind Wise Massachusetts — Sue Hobart Testimony

From Wind Concerns Ontario

Bruce McPherson bequeathed funds to study wind turbine health effects. The field study was performed at Sue Hobart’s home in April 2011. The data was subsequently analyzed and published in 2012 in the peer-reviewed journal article “Wind turbine acoustic investigation: infrasound and low frequency noise – A case study“ by Stephen Ambrose, Robert Rand, and Carmen Krogh in the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 32(2) 128-141.

We have been forced to abandoned our perfect home to protect our health—had no choice. Our home is empty and our savings are gone but we are alive and attempting to recover from this heart breaking and faith shattering experience. But we are not there by a long shot. I cry every day I go back to my now toxic home…I wish with all my heart and soul I could still live there… but it’s impossible to rest there and one cannot live without sleep. I won’t even get into the other symptoms because by now you should have heard of them or you are not doing your homework. Our home was the site of the MacPherson Report.* More homework? You should know what that is by now too. You should also know that these health problems are proliferating as fast at the turbines all over the world. This is not “something about Falmouth…or Fairhaven or Kingston or Situate….” this is something about industrial sized wind turbines. They affect people the same way all over the world. The WORLD…. it’s not about crazy people either…ITS ABOUT WIND TURBINES!” So there is obviously a growing a health problem and, given that more and more people are suffering from these carelessly sighted turbines, by who’s right do we continue to be ignored and degraded? Is it the right of the Governor, based on some unqualified random “green” goal to push this agenda up our backsides at the expense of human health and well being…?

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One response to “Wind Wise Massachusetts — Sue Hobart Testimony

  1. I cannot understand why there is continued denial of the problems that wind turbines cause through noise and health issues. It has to stop interfering with peoples’ lives and the greed that the wind industry enjoys.

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