Update on the Therrien story from Vermont — Desperation sets in

My name is Luann Therrien and I live in Sheffield , Vermont with my husband Steve and our two children.

16 Industrial Wind Turbines have been built behind our home.

We are being tortured. We are living too close to 16 wind turbines which are causing our family to have a variety of health problems, including but not limited to: ringing in the ears, severe depression, dizziness, feelings of being sea sick (dry heaves, cold sweat and so on) pressure in our head/face and sleep deprivation with related side effects. We have no idea what the long term impacts will be on our young children who are still developing.

If you read or listen to my attached testimony you will see we have reached out to everyone in the State and Federal Government level pleading for relief.

We have been reduced to begging to try and move to a home that is safe, http://www.gofundme.com/3k4q10

Attached is Dr. Shapiro’s presentation and the rest of the audio, testimony from our side: http://www.vce.org/SandyReider _SHW_042413.mp3 http://www.vce.org/StanleyShap iro_SHW_042413.mp3 http://www.vce.org/LuannTherrien_CommDisc_SHW_ 042413.mp3

Video of Luann’s testimony: https://vimeo.com/64765558

and the evening news coverage of the health committee hearing, which begins with coverage of a 4 turbine 2.5 MW Goldwind project that has not been operating for much of the last week: https://vimeo.com/64766628

Have turned to this site because my family is desperate.


One response to “Update on the Therrien story from Vermont — Desperation sets in

  1. This is happening to people all over the world. People should just keep on banding together and protest. Ask for independent research from members of government, councils and those in power. Hassle them with emails about the studies done by expert such as Dr. Raymond Hartman, Prof.Dr. M. Swinbanks, the Bulletin Science Technology Society, The Acoustics Journal Of America and any other research done that you ca fid.

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