Ontario family asking wind companies to move turbine sites to protect their Autistic children

Paul Morden — Sarnia Observer — July 5, 2013

Sarah Hornblower says intensive behavioural intervention therapy has made a world of difference for Josh, her five-year-old autistic son.

But, she worries wind farms coming to Lambton Shores will blow the progress away.

Hornblower and her husband, Chris, felt lucky when Josh qualified for the OHIP-covered in-home therapy after only a year or so on the waiting list. They saw families in other areas waiting much longer.

“He wasn’t talking,” she said. “He wasn’t toilet trained. He wasn’t interacting at all. He wouldn’t look at you.”

That changed after the therapy.

“Through the work of these people, he’s fully toilet trained. He can speak, He’s learning to read. He can ride a bike . . . things we never thought were possible.”

The couple has seven children and three have been diagnosed with autism. Josh is the most severely impacted.

Hornblower said they began hearing rumours about wind projects about a year after moving in 2007 to Ridge Road. There are already 10 turbines near Ravenswood and she initially thought a few more wouldn’t be a problem.

And then, in 2010, a notice arrived in the mailbox about a public meeting Nextera Energy was holding for the 92-turbine Jericho wind farm proposed for Lambton Shores and Warwick Township.

Hornblower said she went to the meeting and saw the plans.

“I thought, ‘Wow, this is a lot of turbines that they’re putting up.'”   Continue reading, here…

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