Couple who can’t escape the shadow of the wind turbines

Kay and John Siddell had “18 great years” in their retirement home in the hills
before the turbines began to appear.

Auslan Cramb — The Telegraph — June 6, 2013

They bought the smallholding in South Ayrshire in 1988 because of the uninterrupted views across the valley and moved north from Hampshire to enjoy rural solitude and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

But instead of rolling countryside, their home now faces around 30 wind turbines, and even on the sunniest days they sit in their living room with the curtains closed to block out the blades.

They say they suffer from the effects of the “churning landscape” and the “incessant flicker” when the sun is behind the turbines, and describe the noise in a high wind as something like a “squadron of jets”.

They are also fighting two more wind farm applications that, if approved, would leave their property almost surrounded.

Mrs Siddell, 69, who has had serious health problems in recent years, describes the Hadyard Hill wind farm they face as a “nightmare”, and sometimes retreats to the lavatory to escape its effects.   Ironically, the couple were told years ago in an informal approach to the local council that they would not receive permission for an extra floor on their cottage, because of the impact on the “scenic area”.   Continue reading, here….

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