Wind farms a pain for residents

Beverley Ware — The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) — May 30, 2013

Opponents of New Ross project say energy alternative causes variety of ailments
 NEW ROSS — Nance Ackerman says the change in pressure hit her like a truck when she stepped out of her car.

She said she was about 1,100 metres from the nearest wind turbine at Pubnico Point Wind Farm, where she went last June to interview two women for a film she was making on wind power.

“My chest suddenly hurt,” Ackerman told a Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board appeal hearing Thursday into the Municipality of Chester’s approval of a wind farm in the New Ross area.

Ackerman said her heart pounded hard, she couldn’t swallow and she got a migraine as the patio doors on the house pulsated in time with the turbines. She said all her symptoms disappeared by the time she was eight kilometres away.

Ackerman spoke on the first day of a scheduled eight-day hearing.  Continue reading, here….

(Tip of the hat to National Wind Watch for this find.)

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