Specialists respond to Victoria Health (AU) fallacious statements re: wind‏ turbine health effects

Washington University in St. Louis

School of Medicine

Department of Otolaryngology

Campus Box 8115

660 South Euclid Avenue

St. Louis MO 63110

Dear Sirs:

This letter is to express our deepest disappointment with the lack of objectivity in the recent report from the Victoria Department of Health “Wind Farms, Sound and Health: Technical Information”.

There are a number of false statements in your report. One severe example is “… the available evidence does not support claims that inaudible sounds can have direct physiological effects.”.

Below we have provided citations to six publications from our group where we showed how the ear responds to low frequency sounds up to 50 dB below the levels that would be heard. The experimental methods that were used are well established in the field of auditory physiology. Three of the below citations were peer-reviewed and published in some of the most well respected journals in the field of acoustics and hearing science. Our  publications, which were clearly neglected or conveniently overlooked, show that inaudible low frequency sounds do indeed stimulate the ear and produce marked physiological effects.

Read full letter here……VictoriaHealthLetter alec salt

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