Rights under the World Health Organization denied to families living near wind farms

Turbine claims wrong

May 7, 2013

We were disturbed to read the editorial piece in The Standard (April 27) entitled ‘Wind energy’s noisy divide’ regarding the Macarthur wind farm.
In particular the claim that “most people accepted the wind farm and welcomed it” offended us most.
Of course the people living in the township of Macarthur are hoping the wind farm will bring income to their town. These people are not impacted in any way by the turbines at the Macarthur wind farm as their homes are at least 12 kilometres from the closest turbines.
However, it is a very different story for the many families living up to 7km from the turbines who now find they are unable to sleep at night and find their health severely impacted day and night by the infrasound emitted by the turbines. Several families are forced to leave their properties for at least two nights each week to have a decent night’s sleep (as is their right according to the World Health Organisation). At the same time AGL denies any responsibility for the serious health effects caused by air pressure variation and ground-borne vibration from the turbines.
One family with young children has been forced to leave their home, their job and the district to remove themselves from the severe impact of the infrasound and low frequency noise.
Maybe if the residents of Macarthur were impacted similarly to so many families in the district around the Macarthur wind farm, they might think differently. Maybe if their young children were impacted so badly, similarly to the young family forced to leave the district, they might think differently.
Maybe if the residents of Macarthur found they were unable to sell their properties to retire (i.e. they lost their entire superannuation) they might think differently.
Perhaps if the residents of Macarthur found they could not live happily and healthily in their homes any more they would think differently.
The author’s claim of “credible research” into the health effects of wind farms is just plain wrong. The recent report to which no doubt this claim refers was written by Professor Simon Chapman of Sydney University, who does not have any qualifications whatsoever in medicine. Secondly, his report was not peer reviewed at all. This is a requirement for all medical studies for them to be “credible”.
Annie and Gus Gardner, Penshurst

2 responses to “Rights under the World Health Organization denied to families living near wind farms

  1. Simon Chapman has not interviewed residents or visited a wind turbine complex but just reads. Trouble is you have a premier who thinks they are wonderful and governments who refuse to acknowledge overseas peer-reviewed evidence. There is a noise study just done in Canada which shows that the complex near these peoples’ home is 50% of the time over the limit of noise. Its only a matter of time the industry will fail but what of those now in existence? Will they be made to be pulled down? Who knows because most hosts will find that they are responsible and most will not have the money.

  2. Impact of these installations on those living within and close to them is appalling. No credible and independent research was conducted on possible impacts before Governments around the world started supporting them. If these had been motor vehicles or medications research would have to have been undertaken as to their suitability for the purpose they were to be put to. Would it be allowed for a small family sedan to be allowed to tow a large 45ft over laden caravan, was it OK for Thalidomide to be given to pregnant women when it was designed and tested for other purposes? No of course not, so why is it OK for massive Industrial Wind Energy generators to be installed close to peoples homes and work places, in large numbers, without research to ensure its safe to do so?

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