No Wind Turbines for Wainfleet — Lives have become a living hell

Letter to the Editor — Welland Tribune — April 26, 2013

We’ve done our research, attended meetings, held rallies, written letters, staged protests and done everything possible to call attention to what a fouled up mess the Green Energy Act, is and still the Liberal government, with the help of the NDP, continues to steamroll over us, ignoring our plea to stop the wind turbines and our concerns about them.

We are literally fighting for our lives out here in rural Ontario.

The Liberals and the NDP have no concept of what it means to maintain the integrity and character of our farmlands. Obviously it is above their pay grade.

It will take many years to undue all the damage the McGuinty government has caused. It is time for Premier Kathleen Wynne to step up and do the right thing by reversing the ill fated decisions imposed on us in the act.

The Liberal party has a stubborn unwillingness to admit that their governing policies have failed. The karma that will be felt on election day will be earth shattering.

Even though the Liberals control the media, the last time I checked we do not live in a dictatorship i.e. Cuba or Russia. Or do we?

What gives the Liberals and the NDP the right to make our lives a living hell? Perhaps the Liberals and NDP would like us to form long lines at Queen’s Park with our bare arms extended so that they may sear into our arms our: Name: ___ Status: Victim Receptor No. _____.

We could then be herded like sheep (a partial quote from the Trudeau era) back to our devastated farmlands and properties where we may be permitted to gather our belongings and search for somewhere else to live. And, of course, with the information seared onto our person, the government would have no trouble tracking us down to collect the taxes we owe for the homes in which we can no longer live.

We have been put on this earth to be good stewards of the land and protect our natural resources not to impose great harm to our living environment.

There is no government hierarchy that will ever be given the power to strip us of our god-given and our democratic rights and so we, the people of Wainfleet, do fully intend to execute our rights hence this day forward.

Katherine Pilon


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