Parents Demand Protection for their Children from Wind Turbine emissions

Queen’s Park     —   April 16, 2013

“Premier Wynne, 550 meters is too close!”

A group of determined parents will arrive at Queen’s Park on Thursday morning April 18 at 11:30 todemand a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne to discuss the risks to their children from industrialwind turbines. The group is led by Shellie Correia of West Lincoln whose son Joey has Sensory ProcessingDisorder.

“I met with Kathleen Wynne in my hometown just before Christmas when she was campaigning for theleadership of her party,” says Correia. “I gave her many reports and a letter from Joey’s doctor and Ihaven’t heard from her since.” Correia’s concerns and those of parents all across Ontario are for theirchildren, some with special needs such as autism and other issues who are at risk.

Dr. Chrystella Calvert is a behavioral Pediatrician and treats Joey. She agrees. “Noxious stimuli (orunexpected, or unnatural stimuli) are a source of environmental stress that affect the humanbrain…Wind turbines concern me, given my strong knowledge of neurobiology,” says Dr Calvert. “I as a“normal brain” (or typical brain) individual would not want this risk to my mental health (or mychildren’s’) in my neighbourhood.”

The vast 77-turbine wind project is slated for the area with massive 3 megawatt wind turbines, some atexactly 550 meters from Joey’s home. In her letter Dr. Calvert states, “Science has no evidence that this abnormal, incessant stimulus does nothave long lasting effects on the developing fetal child and adolescent brain. In a developed society likeCanada, we must advocate and protect the most vulnerable members.”

Non-consenting neighbours have filed complaints about the wind project in West Lincoln and are awarethat the government sponsored Research Chair from the University of Waterloo wants to use them aspart of a pre- and post- wind turbine study. The group says it is unethical to impose a health risk on acommunity and then study it to see what happens.

Shellie Correia and the other parents at Queen’s Park tomorrow need answers.

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