Enbridge Sponsorship of performance at Mary Webb Cultural and Community Centre upsets local wind victims

Dear Marie Spence:
Congratulations on the success of the Mary Webb Cultural and Community Centre. Performances attended by our members with family and friends have been most enjoyable.
However, it has come to our attention that Enbridge will be sponsoring the upcoming performance on April 12th of the Brass Quintet from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and we are writing to express our enormous disappointment.
Enbridge is the operator of the local Talbot Wind project. This project has been negatively impacting local residents for the past 27 months. The negative impacts are compounding to such a degree that some residents feel they may be forced to leave their homes to protect their health. Many homes are reporting negative impacts. Below is a sampling of what is being reported (each number represents a different home/business within the wind project area, often more than one person per home is being negatively impacted, and people of all ages are also represented).
1: disturbed sleep
2: disturbed sleep, nausea, headaches
3: this was supposed to be a lot for a retirement home… but not now
4: resident wears earplugs to bed and can still hear turbines, headaches
5: can hear turbines inside home
6: can hear turbines inside business
7: wind company has hired acoustics firm to monitor noise here
8: wind company has hired acoustics firm to monitor noise here. Residents feel they have been deceived regarding the noise impacts of the project. Use a fan in bedroom to mask noise.
9: sleep disturbance, excessive noise, night time noise has gone from 25 dbA to often over 40 dbA, new jaw joint and ear pain and popping, ringing in ears, abnormal pet behaviour, vertigo, high blood pressure
10: TV, phone interference, disturbing noise, swirling winds, installed air conditioner
11: hear turbines all the time, increased headaches (these people sold the home and moved recently)
12: “like living in an airport” now, excessive noise and shadow flicker
13: headaches and nausea depending on wind direction
14: hear turbines in home, installed blinds, built a waterfall to drown out the noise
15: disturbed sleep, excessive noise
16: excessive noise, installed central air because it was too noisy with windows open, sleep disruption, wind company hired acoustics firm to monitor noise
17: sleep disruption
18: excessive noise, can hear turbines in the house with the TV on
19: voltage surge resulted in property damage
20: voltage surge resulted in property damage
21: disrupted sleep, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, tinnitus
22: disrupted sleep (moved bed to basement), teeth grinding
Enbridge has most certainly not been a good corporate citizen in our community. Likewise, Enbridge has not demonstrated suitable concern for the suffering citizens in the wind project it runs in another Ontario community where people have been suffering for an even greater amount of time.
We would also like to point out to you how the wind industry is a very divisive and disturbing addition to any community. All over the province, and worldwide, protests and demonstrations to raise awareness of the negative impacts of the industry are taking place. We will be informing our membership of the sponsor of your upcoming event.
We sincerely hope that the Mary Webb Centre will consider the health and happiness of our community over corporate money obtained at the expense of pain and suffering of local residents.
We would like to send a copy of our correspondence to the Mary Webb Centre board members. Could you please provide us with a means to reach them? Should the Mary Webb Centre like to provide our membership with a reply regarding their stance on industrial wind, we would be able to circulate it.
Thank you.
The Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group
c/o Monica Elmes

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