Houston, We have an infrasound problem

Read report here:  KOW-WAL Infrasound
On May 14, 2009 Ontario’s Green Energy and Economy Act was passed:  
“The Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009, was passed in the Legislature on May 14, 2009. The Act places a priority on expanding Ontario’s use of clean and renewable sources of energy including wind, water, solar, biomass and biogas power. Developing these renewable resources is a cornerstone of this province’s future prosperity.”    
The EBR registry (010-6516) on the Green Energy Act opened for public comment on June 9, 2009 and closed July 24, 2009. 
Ontario Legislature Standing Committee testimony took place in April 2009.  
Regulations were worked on by ministry staff and publicly announced September 24, 2009.   
The first 2 attachments are a ministry communication from March 2009.   
Submissions to the EBR registry and at the standing committee hearings in April 2009 by the public, independent researchers, health professionals and engineers included testimonials and research on audible noise, low frequency noise, vibration, infrasound and electrical pollution in operating wind projects.  
The next 4 attachments are a single page from EBR submitted comments (June/July) from CanWEA and some prominent developers regarding the topic of infrasound monitoring.   (Aim Powergen, Canadian Hydro Developers, Suncor and there were others.)
The Ministry of Environment complied with industry wishes to omit requirements to measure and monitor low frequency noise and infrasound.
It was in August 2009 that Ministry of Environment field officers were working on an Abatement plan to help the families who were being impacted.  The plan was shelved and some of these families still cannot live in their homes. 
 All of this and much more was taking place before the Green Energy Act regulations were even released.   
And just to be safe, the following was included in the updated Ministry of Environment Noise Complaint Protocol in August 2011.
“Complaints about wind turbine noise in the infrasound or ultrasound ranges (i.e. 
outside the normal audio range), transformer substation noise, and other issues such as 
shadow flicker or health effects are beyond the scope of this document.”
“Too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of other human beings”
 April 5, 1968…..U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy

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