Going Inside the Shadow-Flicker Zone

Tip of the hat to Ontario Wind Resistance

The Kingston Journal — March 15, 2013

LELAND ROAD- Middle-school student Brian Reilly says he can’t play basketball on Leland Road when the strobing effect from the Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine’s shadow flicker is at full throttle. “I get a wicked bad headache so I have to go inside,” Brian told the Journal as he stood on the front steps of his neighbors house.

Dan Alves, also a resident of Leland Road, refuses to allow his epileptic son to stay in his bedroom when the KWI Turbine’s shadow flicker penetrates into his house. “That’s pretty much the rule,” Alves told the Journal on Friday afternoon. “We don’t want him in his room but we’re not always home so we can’t control it.”

Alves said that he has asked next-door neighbors to check on his son when he’s not home. “My next-door neighbor actually came over and asked [my son] to leave the room,” Alves said.

“You can’t concentrate,” Alves said as he sat in his dining room speaking with reporters and squinting into the flicker from the KWI Turbine. “You can’t read a book, you can’t read the paper, you can’t relax.”   Continue reading, here…..

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