Children Suffering from Sleep Deprivation

Children with sleep disturbance are vulnerable. Their chances at excelling in their studies are greatly reduced. It’s just that simple.

Our decision makers must acknowledge what they are doing by leaving people suffering in degraded living environments.
It’s just not right.

From Ill Wind Reporting  (a global reporting site where people can document adverse impacts of wind projects)


Living with turbines for almost 5 years, we have become used to the lack of sleep and all of the side affects that go along with it. We live within 700m of two turbines, there are 6-8 within 1 km, and at least 12 within 2 kms.
Yesterday was report card day and my eldest son’s report card broke my heart. It started with a glowing report “…is a very responsible student in every area within the school. He walks in the hallways in the manner that is expected, demonstrating to others what a responblie student looks like. He works hard to ensure…” but my heart broke when I read “…should continue to put his best effort forth in paying close attention to the teacher and his classmates when they speak, rather than resting his head on his desk surface.”
My son complains often that he has a hard time at school because he is so tired all the time, and when I asked him how he handled it he said he tried to close his eyes on his desk from time to time, but it really hit home when it was there in black and white on the report card.

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