Wind victim statement to PM Stephen Harper and the Canadian Minister of Health

February 14, 2013

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada   (

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq Minister of Health    (


David S. Michaud, PhD Principal Investigator Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch Health Canada       (Email:

The Honourable Diane Finley, MP Haldimand Norfolk Ottawa Office House of Commons Confederation Building Room 707 Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6      (Email:

Open letter to The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Minister Aglukkaq seeking immediate relief and remedy from exposure to emissions from industrial wind projects.

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister Aglukkaq,

The purpose of this letter is to seek an immediate relief and remedy from the pending exposure to the operating emissions of industrial wind projects which are under construction surrounding my home.

My name is Linda Rogers and I am a mother of an 8 year old son and we live on small farm acreage in Haldimand County. My farm is in active agricultural production with the lands leased to a tenant farmer. I am also a registered breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs and own and operate a licensed kennel on my property.

My home and immediate family will have 16 wind turbines located within 2 km of our home if they commence operation as planned. Commercial operation could be as early as June 2013. The closest turbine would be located immediately adjacent to my back field’s property line. The three projects currently being constructed are Next Era (Summerhaven), Capital Power (Port Dover and Nanticoke Wind) and Samsung- Pattern Energy (Grand Renewable). There are many more projects in the approval process.

Health Canada has announced its amended study outline in regards to the reported adverse health effects being reported and results are to be made available in 2014. I have grave concerns about the study but am struck by one of its criteria which states:

“Participation in the study requires that subjects provide informed consent….”

Simply put, I did not and do not grant consent for my family and my minor child to be exposed to the emissions from the Industrial wind turbines. There is no moral or legal basis to remove my ability or authority to grant this consent. It really is that simple.

My consent is informed by countless hours of personal research, speaking to researchers, wind industry representatives, engineers, Ministry personnel and participation at OMB and Environmental Review Tribunal hearings. More importantly, my understanding of this specific risk of harm is formed by speaking first-hand to the many individuals and families who have been forced to evacuate their homes because of the wind projects in order to preserve their health.

Professionally I am a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and have expertise in assessing harm to health. I have taken an active role of advocating for not only myself and family members, but as well for communities already struggling with exposure to these machines. Norfolk residents in 2009 reported 1 in 5 individuals experiencing adverse health effects. It is now 2013 and the suffering continues unabated. This community is not unique and more are reporting the same effects. I am aware that these reports have been sent to the appropriate authorities and are still awaiting protective and preventative actions from government.

My sense of urgency to avoid the exposure of threat from the wind projects is driven as a mother of a young child who has medical conditions that will make him even more sensitive and vulnerable. I am willing to provide more details on his medical history but only in a less open forum in order to protect his privacy.

This following statement was made in regards to the Health Canada study in a recent press release:

“Our Government is committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadian families, and this study is in response to questions from residents living near wind farms about possible health effects of low frequency noise generated by wind turbines,” said Minister Aglukkaq.”

There is no question industrial wind projects have, are and will cause harm to human health. The only logical and moral action is immediately stopping the construction and removing those reporting harm from any continued exposure to operating wind turbines.

I am available to verify my statements and can provide support documentation to provide factual evidence.

Please protect my son, my family and my community.


Linda J Rogers RNEC

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner


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