Wind farms should not be less than 1.4 miles from people’s homes (UK)

Christopher Hope — The Telegraph — December 2012

Wind farms should not be built less than 1.4 miles from people’s homes, the planning minister has suggested.

Nick Boles said in the House of Commons that wind turbines should not have an “unacceptable impact” on local communities, in the latest attempt by Tory ministers to push back against the spread of on-shore wind farms across the country.

There is currently no national standard for the distance between turbines and houses. But Mr Boles told MPs that he thought a minimum distance “might be appropriate” in some areas.

Mr Boles said that as an MP he had backed plans by Lincolnshire County Council – which is not a planning authority – to bring in a minimum distance of two kilometres (1.4 miles) from “a residential property”.

However, if the ban was adopted widely by other councils widely, wind farms could be effectively banned from large parts of the south east of England, where population density is high.

The comments some could also be used by other home owners to stop wind farms being sited near to their properties.

They also signal a hardening in views against onshore wind farms by ministers at the Communities department, which can veto developments.

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