“My quiet, peaceful, serene world and home has been turned into a reality of grief”

Clarence Fanto — Berkshire Eagle (Massachusetts) — February 16, 2013

Alternative-energy advocates need to heed ill winds blowing from residents living near several high-profile turbine installations.

Some Floridians in North Berkshire are complaining of headaches and other adverse effects from the recently activated Hoosac Wind Project.   On Cape Cod, the Selectmen in Falmouth are debating whether to remove a major turbine project that has aroused the ire of nearby residents because of reported health concerns.

At the same time, a Lenox solar-energy project is under a cloud.

As reported in The Eagle and the North Adams Transcript, town of Florida residents have formally complained to the state about noise  levels they say exceed state legal limits as well as health problems they blame on the 19-turbine Hoosac project atop Bakke Mountain and Crum Hill in the adjacent Franklin County town of Monroe.

Several longtime residents complain of headaches and dramatic reductions in quality of life.

“My quiet, peaceful, serene world and home has been turned into a reality of grief, unending noise, annoyance and constant dealing with those in charge to help us,” said Michael Fairneny of Florida.

On Cape Cod, the Falmouth Select Board has voted to send a posse to Beacon Hill to seek financial help from the state, if the town’s two municipal turbines are removed.

Wind-energy advocates and opponents believe that if Falmouth Town Meeting approves the dismantling, wind projects across the nation could suffer setbacks.

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