Denmark — “Sick of Wind Turbines”

The following article appears in the Danish paper, Stevnsbladet and has been translated using Google Translator. The translation may be a bit rough, but the story comes through. The similarities between Gitte’s story and those of wind victims in Ontario and around the world is striking.

Gitte is so bothered by the noise from wind turbines that it has put its mark on her life with, among other things, sleep disorders.   High blood pressure and reduced ability to work followed.

BOESTOFTE: She lives on Tåsinge in the archipelago and for the last 3 years and 4 months involuntarily has been neighbors for two 126.5-meter-high wind turbines. The turbines are located respectively 900 and 1100 meters from the family house. Especially good night’s sleep is hard hit largely because of the noise from wind turbines.

“Some mornings I am so tired that I can not drive,” says Gitte. The lack of sleep has, among other things, resulted in a severe high blood pressure – sometimes so high that she can not stop the blood when she gets nosebleeds, but must go to the emergency room for help.

Gittes working capacity is reduced to 17 hours. She works in the Occupational Medicine Department. Her husband is also affected by the noise from the turbines, and he started experiencing hypertension, 6 months ago.

Their two children are both at school and the kids would rather sleep at school as they can not sleep properly when they are at home. Earplugs have been tried, but it does not help, for it is as if the noise vibrates in the body, says Gitte.

The family would love to move and has also had the house up for sale, but no one will stay as close to the large wind turbines.

“I feel trapped, and I will soon be away for not having a chronic sleep problem. My greatest wish is that the turbines would stop at night so I could sleep – or that I got the money to move, “says Gitte.

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