Wind energy lobby ignoring real concerns of families, children‏

From Wind Concerns Ontario:

Wisconsin state Senator Frank Lasee has responded to some of the more ridiculous spin being put on the report on sounds from the Shirley wind project.

Commentary: Wind energy lobby ignoring real concerns of families, children | Herald Times Reporter |

People around the world and in Wisconsin are suffering from industrial wind turbines that are too close to their homes. In my Senate District, several families with children have moved out of their homes because of the 500-foot industrial wind towers near their homes. These families had to take out second mortgages to pay for a place to live to stop their suffering. Imagine that you had to do this for your family. It’s against common sense to claim these families’ symptoms are “make-believe.”
The editorial attempts to discredit the results of the Shirley Wind Farm study in Glenmore, Wis., are the result of those making money from taxpayers and electric ratepayers. They don’t want their gravy train to end.

The full commentary can be read at the Herald Times Reporter:

An excellent review of the Shirley report is Wind Farm Realities’ Shirley and Infrasound

Another overview – one that takes pro and anti IWT sides to task for misinterpreting/spinning the report – is the Acoustic Ecology Institutes’s Cooperative Wisconsin turbine noise study breaks new ground

My vote for the worst of the reporting goes to Midwest Energy News’s Analysis: Politics drown out facts following Wisconsin wind noise study (the company shares an owner with wind advocate “Clean Wisconsin”).  That article concludes a report on a study done in abandoned homes with “there is no evidence of that [infrasound and low frequency noise making people ill] happening”

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