Ontario — Wind diary

Here’s a New Twist to how the Turbines continue to affect our lives.
Tonight I was completeing a paramedical for Life Insurance. The nurse asked do you suffer from Insomnia? I hesitated. I told her I do not suffer from Insomnia. I am kept awake at night, or do not reach REM sleep but not because of a medical or hereditary condition – because there are wind turbines right outside my bedroom that attack me nearly every night.
Then she asked “Headaches?” Again, hesitation. I do get headaches but only when exposed to the turbines and if I leave my home they go away.
“Have you ever experienced heart palpatations or any irregular heartbeats?” Again, hesitation – this time, she knew… the turbines. I explained, sometimes when you wake up you can feel your heart beating to the rythym of the turbines. When they are really bad and consistent, when you have gone 2,3 or more nights without sleep, the affect on your stress level, your heartbeat, everything, is increased.
Next question, “Have you ever felt emotional, depressed, suicidal?” Hmmm, let’s see, I haven’t slept properly for, oh, 4 years and have spent every possible penny we have on trying to combat the turbines only to watch my house become unsellable and my taxes double because we made “improvements”, uh – ya, I feel a little sad sometimes…..
I must say she was very good about it and able to make determinations as to what was a true inherited trait or issue as opposed to an inflicted issue, but we had to note things that would not have been an issue had my next door neighbour (the wind turbine) not inflicted its noise and vibration on me and my family.
So, here I am typing because it’s the only way I know to vent the frustration I am feeling at this moment. No family, person, animal or other living creature should ever be put in this situation.
Health, Property Value, Enjoyment, Taxes, Bank Account and now possibly Insurance too – wonder what is next?
Take care,

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